Tremona Archaeological Park

Archaeological park, life in Middle Ages

On the southern slope of Monte San Giorgio there is the village of Tremona. On the hill behind, covered by woods, archaeologists have unearthed an entire medieval village.

A visit to Tremona-Castello archaeological Park offers a real insight into how people lived during the times when the medieval village was inhabiteted. Indeed, archaeological excavations taking place annually since 2000 have unearthed thousands of artefacts of daily life.

The Archaeological Park at your fingertips

Archaeologists have discovered more than fifty different buildings, including houses, a church, stores, a blacksmith's and a tower.

Walking through its streets, it's almost as if you can hear the noise of the blacksmith's workshop. Can you hear the hammer?

The park offers a detailed reconstruction of history and daily life in this rural mediaeval village thanks to a route lined with information boards and an augmented reality experience that takes you straight back to the Middle Ages when you put on the 3D glasses.

You will see things you'll never forget!

Did the sound of bells perhaps mark the beginning of the day, waking people up? And after-wards? What was it like, in the Middle Ages? Come and find out: we have so much to tell you!

This is the only medieval village which you have the chance to visit in Ticino, don't miss the opportunity to live this experience!

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