Wine and gastronomy

The quest for flavour

The quest for flavour.

Come and join the quest for flavour. Come and experience the flavours of the region. Enjoy superb itineraries relaxing among the neat rows of vines on the gentle sloping hillsides. Afterwards, why not stop by a traditional cellar and taste
an internationally renowned wine (or two)?

A visit without sampling the region’s food specialities would be unforgiveable. Try soft cheese and the Slow Food Presidium Muggio Valley Zincarlin. Spoil yourself with traditional cold cuts, polenta and high-end chocolates and pastries.

Take part in one of the increasingly popular gastronomic events: you’re sure to find
a genuinely exciting dish to suit your taste. Soak up the special atmosphere of a meal
in the open or in a grotto: there’s always plenty of delights on the menu to please your palate. Finally, why not booking a guided tour to a local farm? Your children will love spending some time up close with the animals!
Indulge in some culinary pleasure. Take your holiday in Mendrisiotto.

The centre for the promotion of Ticino wines in Morbio Inferiore is located in the picturesque Ghitello Mill at the entrance to the Parco delle Gole della Breggia.

The centre is currently working with more than 40 wine entrepreneurs, representing 90% of production and offering more than 200 different wines. Wine produced throughout the canton can be found here, allowing visitors to discover the many facets of Ticino wines.

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