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Build your holiday, brick by brick!

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Plan your dream holiday in the southern-most region of Switzerland.
You’ll be just a stone’s throw from Lugano and Milan, but surrounded by a stunning
landscape of crystal-clear lakes and lush mountains.

Mendrisiotto is home to a host of hidden treasures: come and discover them, you’ll be amazed.
We can offer all the advice you need when planning your trip: where to stay, how to
move about and how to take advantage of special offers.
Our valuable tips can be really useful, so take the load off and get in touch.

Plan your itinerary in the region to include its seven main attractions.
Don’t forget to experience a little of its cultural side or its delicious food and wines.
And finally, why not attend one of its many great events?

Build you ideal holiday: we provide the bricks.

Vuoi visitare la nostra regione? Trova il miglior alloggio per te!

Pianifica le tappe del tuo viaggio!
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