This corner of Switzerland is an unexpected marvel

Mendrisiotto, myriad experiences!

UNESCO World Heritage Site




km of trails


hectares of vineyards


From mountains to a Mediterranean climate: come to Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio
and discover a destination with a multitude of experiences.
This corner of Switzerland is an unexpected marvel.

Stunning panoramas of mountain summits and gentle hills dotted with vineyards lie
just a few kilometres apart. The only difficulty is making your mind up!

The climate is lovely at any time of the year. Months go by with lots of sun
and a near-permanent feeling of the ‘dolce vita’. This region, all waiting to be discovered,
holidays 365 days a year, and is ready to share a little of the ‘dolce vita’ with you anytime!

How do you want to spend your time off? Whether with your family, as a couple or with friends,
you’re guaranteed to find something that floats your boat. Culture and nature,
sport and relaxation, charming traditions and enthralling landscapes.

Mendrisiotto is a region full of charms. Come and discover them for yourself.

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