Mendrisiotto, a region with a strong personality!

Mendrisiotto, a region with a strong personality!

What awaits you is a region at the southern-most tip of Switzerland, with gentle hills dotted
with vineyards and ancient towns packed full of hidden treasures.

Charming little streets and Medieval and Baroque churches make Mendrisiotto
one of Ticino’s most precious jewels, whose lustre is only added to by the sweet scent
of the many vineyards and winemakers’ cellars where you can sample the refined local wines.
What are you waiting for?

Journey into the past and imagine a rural world which isn’t there anymore,
but which hasn’t quite disappeared either, with a great climate,
and where (perhaps coincidentally?) the people are renowned for their sunny disposition.

Discover a border region where everyday habits and traditions meld
with those from nearby Italy.
Experience its unique character for yourself. Visit a Mendrisiotto packed full of character. It’s unmissable!

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