If you've never visited the region's five mills, we reccomend that you do so!

You'll discover some fascinating places, all of which are different, but all linked by the power of water. They were built in different areas of the region, some of which are very beautiful. 

They’re not all open on a regular basis and the programmed activities vary according to the season. However, they’re all accessible by public transport or by following footpaths and you can visit more than one of them in a day.

If you don’t manage to pay a visit on national mill day in May, contact Mendrisiotto Turismo to arrange a visit.

Come and see the watermill in Bruzella and its grindingstones, now restored and fully operational. A very cool experience!

Discover a rural complex dating back to 1590 that has been beautifully renovated. The activities at Mulino del Ghitello are now limited to demonstrations only only, when, on request, one of three millstones is restarted.

Take a break and enjoy a slice of Mendrisiotto.

With three cereal mills and an oil press, the Daniello Mill started operating in 1802 and continued until 1960. In 1990, the mill and the adjacent land were donated to the Municipality of Coldrerio for the purpose of creating a public park. Since then, a series of interventions has allowed to functionally restore one of the cereal mills and the oil press. Today they are used for educational purposes.

The masseria la Tana is a typical Lombard-style farm settlement around a courtyard and dates back to the 1700s, featuring various elements from the peasant and artisanal tradition of the past: the mill, the sawmill, the oven and the residential rooms.

Since 2014 the Maroggia Mill is the only industrial mill left in Ticino. It is currently under reconstruction after the fire that destroyed it in 2020. It is scheduled to re-open in 2023.