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Discover the thousand facets of a beautiful region!

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Come and visit the Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio region: it’s tailor-made to suit
your needs and leisure preferences. In just a few kilometres you’ll find everything
you want: from nature to culture, from food and wine to sport and events.
You’ll be amazed by how much this region has to offer!

If you love to travel and enjoy good food, come and take a big bite into Mendrisiotto.
Organise your gourmet holiday to take in both the traditional seasonal fetes and the
wonderfully rustic ‘grotto’ restaurants.
Afterwards, delve into the romantic vineyards and cellars of the region,
sipping renowned wines and traditional delicacies.

Perhaps a bit of sport would be good too, wouldn’t it?
Of course, opportunities abound to try almost any activity you can think of,
and year round too, thanks to the great climate. More interested in a bit of culture?
Beautiful cities, museums and architectural gems are waiting to be discovered.

A region with a lot to offer. Come and enjoy your slice.

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