Year round dolce vita

Mendrisiotto: year round dolce vita

A year full of festivals, theatre, dance, experimental shows and great classics,
musical events, exhibitions, and sport.
Exploring Mendrisiotto & Basso Ceresio solely through the lens of its many events
would be an unusual but spectacular way to approach the region.
Get to know the area, but at the same time do it by feeding your own passions.
Lots of fun is guaranteed, thanks to the huge variety of stage art
that’s showcased every year.

Boring is a word that’s missing from the dictionaries here. Year round, seven days
a week, there’s something that’s bound to thrill. Whether you’re a sports fan,
a culture vulture, whether you’re with friends or with family, get your ticket:
the show’s about to begin.

Discover the traditional side of the region. Take some time to attend one of the
village fetes with their delicious local specialities, or book a guided tour with
a time-served local craftsman who’s keen to share his knowledge.
Return home with some real insight into the traditions and customs of this amazing region.

Whatever your type of favourite event, Mendrisiotto is there to delight.

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