Where to sleep

Sweet and glorious dreams.

Leonardo da Vinci only had naps, while Winston Churchill barely slept four hours a night.
Alexander the Great always had a copy of the Iliad under his pillow.
Well, these are your holidays and maybe you will be forgiven thinking about
earning your place in history some time later.
Wherever you stay, a good night’s sleep is vital!

Hotels, holiday flats, B&Bs, farms, campsites and hostels all have something in common:
human warmth, and its everywhere in the Mendrisiotto region.
Why not come and discover just how proud we are of our hospitality?

There’s a whole range of choices for your accommodation all across the region.
You just have to choose if you would prefer the lakeshore and picturesque villages such
as Riva San Vitale, Capolago and Brusino, or the cooler mountains and green valleys.
In Mendrisiotto, the perfect solution is always at hand, and any need and taste catered for.

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