Interreg SCOPRI

Valorisation of the historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage

Interreg Scopri

The project valorises the historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage of the Monte Generoso region through the networking of cross-border tourist itineraries promoted in an integrated way such as The Region to be discovered.

There are two points of interest touched on by the project: Monte Generoso and The Bear Cave.

For the two points of interest we want to create a route based on special effects, holograms and Augmented Reality using special screens and special glasses to be worn. A technological park with a strong emotional impact able to attract the attention of young and old, based on scientific and didactic contents produced by expert paleontologists responsible for the excavations inside the cave and integrated in a modern technological solution.

The product aims to make the past visible, intriguing the visitor, highlighting the uniqueness of the territory and strengthening the landscape and cultural identity of the cooperation area.

Strategic objective of the project: to introduce an element of innovation in the tourist offer of Generoso able to make the tourist's visit unique and unforgettable, attracting international attention, enhancing a common geographical area, thus stimulating the tourist and economic development of the whole region.

The project was presented by the Comune Centro Valle Intelvi (lead organization), Comunità Montana Lario Intelvese, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra Ardito Desio dell'Università degli Studi di Milano for the Italian part.
Istituto Sistemi Informativi e Networking della SUPSI (lead organization), Mendrisiotto Turismo, Ticino Turismo for the Swiss part.

Bear's Cave path

A unique experience of Augmented Reality (AR) that you can live on Monte Generoso. The trail starts from the summit of Monte Generoso (Swiss side) or from the Alpe d'Orimento (Italian side) and leads you to the Bear'sCave where, thanks to special 3D glasses, you can immerse yourself in a virtual world made of bears and Neanderthal men.

Augmented Reality is an immersive, audio/video experience that completes and adds new information to the reality around us. Indicators, called markers, on the paths allow you to live an incredible experience!

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