Bear's Cave

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Imagine a Monte Generoso inhabited by cave bears. This was the reality in long time ago. These bears, as time passed, became extinct and their remains were found a few hundred meters from the Summit, on the Italian side. Where? In the famous "Grotta dell'Orso", the Bear Cave.

Book a visit

You can book a guided tour using the app La Regione da Scoprire, available for Android and iOS, or from the panels along the path leading to the cave from the summit of Monte Generoso (CH) or the Alpe di Orimento (IT).

The visit also includes the rental of 3D glasses that allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the cave inhabited by bears, admiring the reconstructions prepared by the University of Milan.

Visits to the cave are only possible when accompanied by a specialised guide. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

3D reconstruction

Wearing the special 3D glasses, it will be possible to retrace the history of Monte Generoso, which was formed around 200 million years ago when the Earth's internal forces lifted the seabed to form this great mountain, and to understand its geological peculiarities. 

Thanks to the skilful reconstruction work carried out by the University of Milan, wearing 3D glasses you will also be able to see the large bears that lived there and that weighed up to 800kg, and discover some curiosities about their behaviour. 

During the visit it will also be possible to meet the Neanderthal man, who we know lived here at the same time!

Getting to the cave

The Cave can be reached by following the official hiking trails starting from Alpe di Orimento (Italian side) and from the Vetta del Monte Generoso (Swiss side).

The summit of Monte Generoso can be reached by the historic cogwheel train departing from Capolago (CH).

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