This guide allows you to have all the most important information on more than 200 tourist routes and the related points of interest close to hand at all times.

MyTicino Highlights

What does your perfect Ticino Experience look like? Put together your Ticino Highlights out of suitable propositions for your visit.

World Heritage Ticino

The app presents the two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ticino: the cultural heritage of the "Three Castles as well as fortified and city walls of Bellinzona", as well as the natural heritage "Monte San Giorgio". The app provides detailed info , images, as well as audio and video material on the two World Heritage sites and on landmarks in the area. It also contains entertaining games and useful info for tourists of the region.

Audio tour - The historical centre of Mendrisio

There are many reasons to visit Mendrisio, one of which is the historical and cultural value of the town centre. Whether you want to follow the map or let yourself be guided through the historic centre, the audio guide offered by Mendrisiotto Turismo allows you to discover history and traditions of the region.


The free SwitzerlandMobility app is the perfect app for anybody who is out and about in Switzerland either in summer or winter.

The Region to be Discovered

We will take you to discover Switzerland's southernmost region, the Intelvi Valley and its major tourist attractions. Come and visit the Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio and the Intelvi Valley. Discover a destination packed with personality and full of treasures to be revealed!


The accessibility platform to join in. An entrance without steps can be just as helpful to parents with a stroller as it can for a wheelchair user. With ginto, each person decides for him/herself whether a location is accessible or not.