Mendrisiotto rhymes with wine

A Vintners Tale

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“These are the best days of the year. Grape-harvesting, peeling, pressing,
it’s not really work; it’s not hot anymore but it’s not cold yet…”.
Cesare Pavese words are still true today. How about a holiday combined
with an adventure into wine?
You’ll struggle to find somewhere better than Mendrisiotto.

The Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio area, with 360 hectares of vineyards covering the slopes of Monte San Giorgio, Monte Generoso and the gently rolling hills, which recall the Tuscan landscape, accounts for 40% of Ticino's wine production.

For more than a hundred years, the local Merlot has pampered the taste buds of wine-lovers. Tradition and quality are our strengths.

Why not experience a little grape-harvesting yourself, complete with boots and basket?

Stroll the learning trails in the vineyards, relax amongst the neat rows
of vines scattered over the gentle hills.
And when you’re ready, stop off at one of the traditional cellars for a
wine-tasting of some of the many internationally acclaimed wines.

Ready, set, go! Get on your bike and discover Ticino's biggest vine-growing region. The organized itinerary includes visits to wineries to learn more about the winemaking process, explore the area, take part in a tasting in a vineyard and in a cellar, where you'll learn to recognise the scent and taste of a good glass of wine!

Ticino wine-growing in numbers

Vineyard area in hectares

+ 1'000


+ 3'600

Vineyard area Merlot


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Ticino's wine producers will welcome you to their vineyards and cellars to live a unique experience linked to the territory. You will be able to learn the art of grape harvesting, pedal from one wine-growing area to another, sleep among the vineyards but above all taste the fruit of their labour: wine!

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