The Region to be discovered

Morsetta, the young Explorer

Mendrisiotto: bring out the Indiana Jones in your family.

She’s a cute character with big eyes and a happy smile. She’s cheerful, curious
and can’t wait to take you on an adventure to discover her region.
Who is she? She’s Morsetta, the young explorer.

Morsetta knows her area very well, thanks to her grandpa’s incredible tales.
Her special ‘professor’ has taught her all the traditions and knowledge
of the ‘Momò’, the name given to the people of her region, and she’s now
exceptionally proud of being able to share this with visitors,
particularly as she has the power to travel through time!

So why not come and let Morsetta be your guide on an exciting,
seven-part adventure that’s suitable for all the family?

What are you waiting for? Get your Indiana Jones hats ready,
and start exploring!

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