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We are pleased to welcome you to the southernmost region of Switzerland, the most wine-growing area of Ticino, the one that has fascinated many artists because of the hilly landscape and the light of the spectacular sunsets, and which boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an intangible cultural heritage that you will not be able to miss. In this territory of a thousand personalities and full of unexpected treasures you can walk 360 km of hiking trails that will allow you to appreciate the diversity of the landscape, from the shores of Lake Ceresio to the summits of Monte San Giorgio and Monte Generoso, passing through valleys and discovering the natural wealth of the area. The food and wine offer is as rich and varied as the cultural offer and if you want to get the best of the region we suggest you to organize a visit to the seven main tourist attractions.
The Canton Ticino Tourism Law governs our activities and entrusts us with the task of encouraging the development and promotion of tourism in our splendid region, in collaboration with institutional and private partners. We are known as Mendrisiotto Turismo, but the institutional name of our public law corporation is Organizzazione Turistico Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio (OTRMBC) and our headquarters are located in Mendrisio.
We invite you to discover a region tailored to your needs, your leisure time and your desire for recreation. If you want to learn more about cultural, traditional, food and wine or recreational themes, check out our agenda!
...And if you love to share, don't forget to choose the most special moments, the most evocative landscapes, the most beautiful environments, take your best photos, post them and share them with us too! #laregionedascoprire
Pleasant stay!
Nadia Fontana - Lupi

Find our information desks at FoxTown Mendrisio and the former Tremona-Castello Municipal House

Take a look at our seven major attractions, true flagships of the region

Monte San Giorgio, UNESCO World Heritage Site
including  the Fossil Museum of the Monte San Giorgio, the Terrace of the Val Mara, the Monte San Giorgio geopaleontological path, the Brusino-Serpiano cable car, the Arzo Quarris, the Giovanni Züst Art Gallery, the Vincenzo Vela Museum and the Baptistery of Riva San Vitale, hiking and biking

Tremona-Castello Archaeological Park
including the experience of visiting the medieval village with augmented reality

including the picturesque lakeside villages, sailing, lidos, swimming pool and public baths, water sports

Cogwheel railway Monte Generoso
including the Fiore di pietra, Mount Sighignola and Mount Bisbino, Val Mara and the Cascata del Botto, the Bellavista, hiking on foot and biking

Bear's Cave
including the experience of visiting the cave with augmented reality

including the Muggio Valley, the Ethnographic Museum of the Muggio Valley, the Bruzella Mill, the Graa and the Roccoli, hiking and biking

Cement Trail
including the Torre dei Forni, the Park of the Breggia Gorges, the Red Church, the Ghitello Mill, the Casa del Vino Ticino

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