Lidos and swimming pools

A whole of a time!

Five swimming complexes and a public Lido. Try a different one every day!
Come to Mendrisiotto and enjoy fun-packed days at the fantastic range
of swimming facilities: they all offer a real oasis of fun, sport and wellbeing.
Feel your spirits soar in a region where water is a source of real fun and relaxation.

Lidos and swimming pools

Lidos and swimming pools


You’ll discover excellent facilities where you can try beach-volleyball, swimming,
kayaking, surfing and stand-up-paddle boarding.
Race down waterslides or get jumping on the trampoline: exhilaration is guaranteed.
And for families, there’s plenty of great playparks in handy locations too.

When you are ready to relax, you can always sip an aperitif at the pool-side bar
or enjoy a delicious, refreshing ice-cream. No car with you? No problem!
Public transport connections take you straight to the door!

Experience the joy of water in Mendrisiotto. Invigorate yourself, at the pool and lake.

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