Lakeside villages

The lake villages are just poetry!

The villages bordering the shores of Lake Ceresio offer countless activities to be enjoyed on its clear waters.

At the head of the southern branch of the Lake is the village of Bissone. This area is appreciated particulary for the charming and picturesque villages of Maroggia, Melano, Capolago, Riva San Vitale and Brusino, arranged one behind the other, and which seemed to be infused with an atmosphere of perennial vacation.

Capolago and Brusino are ideal starting points for trips, such as boat cruise, and the Monte Generoso rack railway or the cable car to Monte San Giorgio.

The Val Mara, which takes its name from a small river, begins on the shores of Lake Lugano in the territories of Melano and Maroggia and rises gently to the centers of Arogno and Rovio, two beautiful and sunny villages that you can not fail to visit.

Explore the villages that lie south of the dam-bridge. Discover their history, culture and traditions and then dive right into the dolce vita atmosphere taht pulses through them.

Every village has a story to tell, which deserves to be heard and experienced.