Pleasure and culture at the lake.

Like a sparkling jewel, the lakes of Ticino offer countless, brilliant facets.
A perfect example is Lake Ceresio and its southern-most branch, waiting to seduce
you with its many stunning charms. Culture, tradition and pleasure all surround
its turquoise blue waters. Take your time. Why compromise when you can find everything 
you need for your holiday in just one place?

Change perspective and indulge yourself with a trip out on the lake.
It’s a unique way to discover hidden little corners and unexpected panoramas
that will blow you away.
Explore Bissone, birthplace of renowned architect Francesco Borromini,
or wonder at the Riva San Vitale’s Baptistery.

Enjoy some precious care-free moments at the lido on one of the great beaches,
oases for relaxation and water sports. Fun’s guaranteed for the entire family!
If you love fishing, why not bring your rod and try your luck in the clear waters of the lake? 

One lake, a thousand possibilities. Are you ready to be seduced?

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