Monte San Giorgio

Monte San Giorgio, memories from the sea.

It emerged from the waters of the Tethys ocean lagoon, its imposing shape
reminiscent of the pyramids.
And here too, under a lush green mantle, precious treasures are hidden within: fossils of marine reptiles, fish, and rare terrestrial species.
What are we talking about? Monte San Giorgio, of course!

If Jurassic Park was one of your favourite movies, then don’t hesitate to take
the geo-paleontological path and journey into stories from a lost world.
You’ll soon discover why it’s a Unesco World Heritage Site,
even more so after a visit to the wonderful Fossil Museum!

You can even venture up to the summit, with the most ancient cableway in Switzerland, and enjoy some stunning views. There’s a choice of walking routes available through shaded chestnut woods, and when it’s time for a sit down, why not stop at one of the old marble quarries or tranquil vineyards the paths explore?

Within it lie remnants of fish and reptiles from over 240 million years ago.

Monte San Giorgio: memories from the sea for you to take home and cherish.

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