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Vincenzo Vela Museum

The Ticinese sculptor Vincenzo Vela (1820-1891) earned the highest honours at the time of the Unification of Italy. In the mid-19th century the artist had a country house built for him to live and work in, at his native village. In a specially created hall, Vincenzo Vela regularly showed his works to a wide public of Swiss and Italian art lovers.

In fulfilment of his father's wishes, in 1892 Spartaco Vela bequeathed the property to the Confederation. The museum was inaugurated in 1898.

Besides numerous original plaster casts, models and drawings of works by Vincenzo Vela, the museum contains a few sculptures by his brother Lorenzo (1812-1897) and paintings, drawings and ceramics by his son Spartaco (1854-1895). Also outstanding among the collections are paintings and prints by Lombard and Piedmontese artist friends of the Vela family.

The renovation and restructuring of the building was carried out by the architect, Mario Botta.

The Vincenzo Vela Park is part of the Gardens of Switzerland network, which brings togheter the most beautiful gardens of Switzerland.


The Museum is open during the following holidays

  • Whit Monday
  • 1st May
  • 1st August
  • 15th August

The Vincenzo Vela Museum is part of the Network Musei d'arte Mendrisiotto (MAM).

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