Here are some words of welcome from a number of figures who live in our region.
We invited them to send you a welcome message, publishing them in our guide year after year.
These “endorsers” are regional or international names who were born here
or chose to live in this region, a place they love and would like you to discover.

2024 – Silvio Tarchini

I am proudly attached to the Mendrisiotto region, known as the “Tuscany of Switzerland” for its beautiful landscapes and characteristic villages.
Since 1995 Mendrisio has been home to my FoxTown Factory Stores, a shopping centre where fashion has found a home and welcomes millions of local and international visitors every year. The “Town of the fox” is now also a place of interest thanks to its spectacular architecture designed by its friend Mario Botta. Welcome to Mendrisiotto!

2022 – Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi

I’m proud to welcome you to “my” beloved Mendrisiotto: a land of mountains and lakes, wine, wineries, grottos, festivals and hearty, passionate people who enjoy life. But it is also a land of history, culture and art… and of Street Art too!
With the 2021 edition of the Maroggia Triennale, we transformed the appearance of this town of 700 inhabitants with more than 20 works by as many international artists, demonstrating that street art is not just for big cities.

2019 – Murat Pelit

I’d like to start by saying that although many people take it for granted, I don’t. I’m proud to call the Mendrisiotto region my home and I see it as a reference point. I travel all over the world on a regular basis for competitions and holidays, but knowing I have a fixed place to return to always fills me with joy.

The thing that really ties me to this region is its crazy side, packed with typical local vitality. Its people, its food festivals and its band The Vad Vuc really reflect the playful and – let’s be honest – party-loving side of my personality.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always sought to discover every corner of it, exploring the mountains and valleys. Although my life changed at a certain point, I can still discover places with my three-wheeled mountain bike today and my fishing rod today.

It was an amazing feeling to be able to represent my region at the Paralympic Games in Korea in 2018.

2018 – Gardi Hutter

I always find it a bit of a paradox when journalists sing the praises of some “untouched beach”. Don’t they realise that their words are going to make loads of people flock to that very beach? Everyone is looking for the ‘real deal’ – the untouched, the authentic. But because so many people are looking for the same thing, we end up destroying it. Hordes of tourists alter the landscape and local culture. As a result, also this article is a paradox. Here I am going on about how wonderful the Mendrisiotto is, but at the same time I also want to keep it just the way it is – free of tourism. This is the real Ticino in its purest form. You’ll hear Italian on the streets. The hills and side valleys of the region are calm, real, authentic and full of cultural and landscape gems. The latest gem in the collection is the old Arzo marble quarry: the Patriciate of Arzo brought it back to life in autumn 2017 and the CAVA VIVA Group will breathe new life into the old quarry as a place for art and culture with stories about people and the stones.
Psst! Keep it to yourself!

2017 – Mario Botta

The inauguration of the new tourist facility on the summit of Monte Generoso represents an important moment for the region. The Monte Generoso railway will be reclaiming its rightful place as one of the main players on the regional tourism scene, transporting people up to the Belllavista and the "Fiore di Pietra" (Stone Flower), where they can admire the most stunning views our region has to offer.
Those who want to combine their trip on the rack railway with an unforgettable walk will be alble to explore the two paths that underwent improvement work in 2016 and lead form the "Fiore di Pietra" to the Vetta and the Bellavista.
Meanwhile, those wishing to stay in the region for a few days are advised to take the time to discover the mountain's various natural and cultural attractions, from Val Mara to Valle di Muggio.
This guide is packed full of ideas about what to see and how to spend your time in the Monte Generoso region and further afield.

Pleasant stay!
Nadia Fontana - Lupi

2016 – Cadel Evans

In English there is a saying...“in the perfect world, the Italians are the cooks, the Swiss are the organizers, and the French are the lovers”. In Mendrisiotto, where I came to live ten years ago, maybe we are close to the “perfect world”.
I was drawn from my native Australia in pursuit of my dream of being a professional cyclist in the biggest races in the world. The climate and the appeal of Lago Lugano surrounded by the beautiful mountains, and the varied roads this terrain offers.
Whether you are out for a leisurely bike ride, driving or hiking with the family, or training for the Tour de France, Mendrisiotto offers it all within close proximity to Lugano, Como and Milano.
Neighboring Italy is obviously reflected in the culture; the lan­guage, to the food they prepare, and lending especially well to the wine they make.
The structure of Switzerland is reflected in the business done here, manufacturing, transport and logistics, and public trans­port services.
The lovers? We love it here, so we will stay thank you...

2015 – Mirko Rainer

Welcome to the region of the great opportunities, where an ambitious idea can turn into a very valuable international aim, with the help of the people that live in the Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio.
It is thanks to them that on September 6th, 2014 I was able to successfully achieve a new Guinness World Records™ title for “ Most champagne bottles sabered in one minute”, having the honor of becoming part of the family of Guinness World Records™.
Known as a crossroads of cultural and economic exchange, where the richness of the variety of food and wine is tasted in landscapes of great importance, the region of the Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio now more than ever is stated as a gateway to access the countless opportunities that the EXPO2015 of Milan is able to generate.
Opportunities that the region welcomes and knows how to expand.
In this place “Officially Amazing” I hope that visitors can discover and embrace the excitement that lives here not only in the artistic, cultural and entertaining activities, but also in those strictly business and economic oriented.
Thank you for choosing us!

2014 – Rodolfo Bernasconi

La Palmira, a character created by Gianna Bernasconi over 30 years ago, has long been a popular figure in many stories and on the stage.
Now she is here to welcome you to her region! Rodolfo Bernasconi, who played the role of La Palmira, sought to faithfully represent her as a woman of strong character who loved her country and its traditions greatly, held the reins of her family tightly but lovingly, and was committed to staying true to her principles.
She is a character that represents the people of Mendrisiotto as well – cordial people with a friendly, open character, always ready to joke and laugh.
Bernasconi the actor knew how to make himself appreciated on the stage and make people laugh and applaud. Getting on in years, he has retired now from the theatre.
However, he nonetheless recently agreed to make a film entitled “La Palmira, ul film” to be shot in some of the most beautiful locations of the Mendrisio area.
Palmira can therefore say farewell to her public in this film, leaving behind a remembrance of her open, honest nature and her heartfelt representation of the Momò character.
We hope you will have an enjoyable and happy visit to Mendrisiotto and will appreciate the beauty of the surroundings as well as the character of its people... there’s good fun and entertainment available for all!

2013 – Giuseppe Poma

Mendrisio is a town steeped in history and traditions, which owes much of its fame to the historic processions held during Holy Week.
They are the only processions of their kind in Switzerland and are held every year since the late 17th century. The first documented reports of the processions date back to 1798, and they were recently included in the list of Switzerland’s living traditions.
The Procession of Holy Thursday, known locally as the “Funziun di Giüdee”, has a certain affinity with the sacred medieval representations, which were first held
in churches and later on in streets and squares and attracted large crowds.
All the actors in these performances are ordinary men and women, and true to tradition, the identity of the person representing Christ is never revealed until the end of the Procession. The Good Friday Procession, also known as the Enterro, is even older than the first, is more religious and liturgical, and is led by the clergy. More than 500 participants, including a large number of children, parade through the streets carrying special lamps painted by local artists.
The “Transparente”, one of the peculiarities of this procession, are valuable pieces of art, and they are spanned like large gates above the streets of the historic centre.
Our Foundation works all year round to preserve and restore the materials and costumes used in both events, which we hope you will soon have a chance to see.
Enjoy your stay in our region.

2012 – Angelo Frigerio

Be our guests, you friends who have come to visit us in this district of the Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio Region.
Enchanting panoramas await you, from the view of the part of the pearly lake, which lies between Monte Generoso and San Giorgio, to the wavy plain of Mendrisio, studded with delightful villages; from the attractive charm of the Muggio Valley to the fertile, sunny hills of the “mountain”, through vigorously growing vineyards and luxuriant cultivated lands; fantastic places like Obino, where you might say that nature has married the Brianza area in Italy with Tuscany.
And everywhere you go you will appreciate the typical, traditional cuisine linked to healthy and genuine products from the area, famous for its fine food specialities, enriched by the well-known Merlot wines, which are smooth and excellent.
You will find a visit to Mendrisio, the main town in the area, worthwhile; it is becoming a “city” and is the treasure house of historical, cultural and artistic wealth (which you will also find if you visit the churches and oratories in the whole area).
The “magnificent borough” is the cradle of centuries-old, fascinating traditions, like the “Holy Easter Processions” or in the rural sector the “Feast of Saint Martin’s”.
Come and see us, it will be a reason for celebration!