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Val Mara

Mara Valley, which takes its name from a small river, begins on the shores of Lake Lugano in the territories of Bissone, Melano and Maroggia and rises gently to the centers of Arogno and Rovio, two beautiful and sunny villages that you can not fail to visit.

The territory of the village extends itself from the shores of Lake Lugano pushing up on Mount Sighignola and even on the crest of Monte Generoso, bordering with Italy. The core of the village is collected on a terrace sheltered from the surrounding hills. Other splendid panoramic terraces occur down to the hamlet of Pugerna.

The village lies on a sunny terrace on Monte Generoso and enjoy a mild climate. Behind the pyramid-like silhouette of  Mount Sant'Agata. The territory of the municipality extend up to the summit of Monte Generoso.

Mara Valley is the starting point for several  wonderful excursions in the region of Monte Generoso.


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