Nevère, little houses of cold

How was fresh milk preserved when there were no refrigerators? In special stone cooling structures called Nevere. These fascinating cylindrical stone structures were built by farming communities to preserve their milk before turning it into butter and cheese.

Lace up your hiking boots and enjoy a pleasant trip that will reveal the precursor to the modern fridge.

If you follow the Sentiero delle Nevère, starting from the summit of Monte Generoso or from Bellavista, you can visit some of them at Alpe di Nadigh and Génor. The Nevère are the symbol of a cultural heritage enhanced by the Valle di Muggio ethnographic Museum (MEVM) which you can visit by descending to Cabbio!

Lose yourself in a region that will beguile you with its unique charm. Enjoy a journey filled with the aromas and flavours of good food, while tasting Zincarlin cheese and fine wines.

Come and enjoy the true flavours of the Valle di Muggio. Awaiting you is a journey with the best of flavours!

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