Trenino Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso and Muggio Valley

A truly Generous mountain. Why? Because from its summit you can enjoy
a stunning 360° view, from the lakes region itself, to the Po Valley and Milan,
across to the jewels of the Alps: the Matterhorn, Jungfrau,
Gotthard and Monte Rosa. What more could you want?
Come on, isn’t it time you conquered it?

At its summit, a new ‘flower of stone’ is about to bloom: a futuristic structure
designed by architect Mario Botta.
From Spring 2017, you’ll be able to explore this wonder with a fantastic
trip up and back on the Monte Generoso rack Railway.
It’s an experience guaranteed to delight visitors of all ages!

Why not try one of the excursions that start from Rovio, Mendrisio, Castel San Pietro,
and the Valle di Muggio. What awaits are idyllic, picturesque villages
that seem to have halted time’s relentless march, with histories explored in
wonderful detail at the ethnographic museum. 
Afterwards, why not travel further back in time and enjoy the stunning natural
wonders of the geology on display
at the Gole della Breggia Geopark. You’ll love it!

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