Wine and cellars

Mendrisiotto, authentic flavour.

The cuisine of Mendrisiotto, rich in history and flavour, is guaranteed to delight.
Choose your table, pull up a chair and delve deep into the aromas and flavours
of the region’s traditional produce.
Polenta and Merlot offer the essence of Mendrisiotto’s cuisine,
but it won’t take long before you discover just how much more is on the table.

The grapes from the area make their way into world-renowned labels.
You can visit the wineries for tastings direct with the producers, while
enriching your knowledge of the subject a little more at the same time.

But make sure you don’t miss out on some of the region’s other specialities,
perhaps in a grotto, in the leafy shade of centuries-old plane trees. And don’t leave
without sample a little of the local soft cheese too, maybe a Zincarlin from the
Muggio valley, or some of the area’s delicious soused fish. Experience Mendrisiotto’s authentic flavours.

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