Image 0 - Gin Bisbino - The first in Ticino!
Image 1 - Gin Bisbino - The first in Ticino!
Image 2 - Gin Bisbino - The first in Ticino!
Image 3 - Gin Bisbino - The first in Ticino!

Gin Bisbino - The first in Ticino!

An organic wild Gin made with passion, love and secret herbs from Mount Bisbino.

Bisbino Gin is intimately linked to the mountain it is named after, Monte Bisbino, which is the inspiration for its history, its character and its structure.

In Sagno, Terra Matta has always grown a large variety of herbs, spices and berries. These reflect the goodness and traditions of the Muggio Valley perfectly and, in a balanced combination, are also the perfect botanicals for producing an organic Ticinese craft gin like Bisbino Gin.

This Gin is distilled at the Jelmini distillery in Mendrisio, one of the biggest in the Canton of Ticino, in traditional stills from Germany that are unique to the region. The juniper berries and botanicals are skilfully mixed by Terra Matta using its secret recipe and then distilled by the expert hands of Pierluigi Jelmini.

The result is a craft Gin, certified 100% organic, with a mellow, delicate flavour, dry taste and light citrus overtones.

What started as the dream of four friends on the top of a mountain, Bisbino Gin today has become a reality.



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