Leave your footprint on Mendrisiotto

340 km of hiking trails, accessible all year round. Where else could you find more? 
Do up your boots and leave your footprint on Mendrisiotto!

What about a ‘soft’ stroll by the lake? Or would you prefer a more challenging summit climb, taking you to incredible panoramas?
Whether you’re an experienced walker or a just a beginner, you’ll find the perfect outdoor experience.  But remember, it will only leave you wanting more!


It is the national network for non-motorized traffic. These represent a selection of the most attractive routes in Switzerland. The routes have been developed for all these groups with standard signalization according to common rules.

These itineraries explore the wonders of the Ticino area.
Enjoy all the beauty Ticino has to offer by following them on foot or by bike, making use of the additional information provided by the maps and videos.