Travel back in time

Discovering our roots.

The Mendrisiotto region offers visitors an intriguing paradox. 
While the area’s geography is very obviously defined by the border stretching
from the crossing at Brusino up to the Muggio valley,
other fixed boundaries, like those between traditional farming society and modernity,
and even past and present, are far more difficult to establish.
Intrigued already? Then come and explore!

Imagine a rural Mendrisiotto with the balconies of houses festooned with drying tobacco leaves,
with the grape harvest, with grandmothers shelling corn while reciting the rosary,
with the men playing boules in the grottos. 

It’s a Mendrisiotto that’s not really there anymore, but which shapes the one of today, blurring the line between past and present.
One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is that the people of the area remain as light-hearted as you will find anywhere in Switzerland, perhaps even, a little bit more! 

Travel back in time. Discover the roots of the land.

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