An all-natural way to recharge

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Vineyards, waterfalls, and a friendship that has lasted for years. September has just begun in the region ruled by the grape. The sun is shining high in the sky and warming the vineyards: it's autumn in Ticino. Mild days and crisp, fresh air. The Mendrisiotto is a region full of surprises with plenty of scenic walks and interesting anecdotes and stories.

Cheers! At the foot of the Botto waterfall, you raise a toast to getting together.
The fresh air, the sun's warmth, and your dearest friend are just what you need to recharge your batteries. You and Claudia don't see each other very often but going to visit her in Ticino is always a pleasure. Friends from childhood, you have shared many moments of discovery.

Summer has just ended and your children, Edoardo and Camilla, have recently gone back to school. September is your favourite month: the myriad colours, the chirping of the birds, the gentle warmth of the sun, and the days that are still long enough to enjoy all the hours of sunlight nature gives you.

After the short walk from Rovio to the Botto waterfall, a trick of the light conjures a rainbow as a wonderful backdrop to your restorative break. What better way to recharge your batteries than to immerse yourself in nature? Small droplets of water refresh you as you read a book you have been wanting to finish for ages, set in Rovio itself, by the 1912 Nobel prizewinner Gerhart Hauptmann. 5, 10, 20 pages later, your throat is dry... it's time to enjoy a  refreshing, sparkling drink.

Cascata del Botto

Marching towards the Botto waterfall, Rovio

Cascata del Botto

Botto waterfall, Rovio

Cascata del Botto

A moment to read and relax at the Botto waterfall

Cascata del Botto

A toast with Sambì

Vigneti Val Mara

The vineyards of Arogno


Bianchi farm and winery, Arogno


Ticinese grapes

Ricetta torta all'uva

Delicious grape cake recipe

Memories of the fun you had as children playing hide and seek among the grape-filled terraces gradually come to mind. The idea of walking through the vineyards pops into your head, and Claudia understands immediately. Next stop? The vineyards of Arogno!

You are burning with curiosity to discover new stories about wine. Once you say so, your dear friend introduces you to the farm owners and in no time at all you find yourself in the middle of the vineyard.

As the heady scent of grapes reaches your nostrils and your stomach begins to grumble, you are seized by inspiration: grape cake, what a delicious idea! So, with the permission of the owners, you take a few bunches of grapes with you so you can bake this delicacy that very evening. What a sweet memory...

Carlo Crivelli, - vine grower
Carlo Crivelli,vine grower
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On the way to the waterfall


Small droplets of water refresh you as you read


A break in good company


The walk continues through the vineyards


What a view!



Swimming in the Botto waterfall is forbidden.