Who needs newspapers when you can chat with nature, time and food?

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From the Mendrisiotto district’s urban centres, you can take a step back in time. After a peaceful walk in the woods, you can enjoy a taste of Ticino cheese and salami and, as dessert, a homemade cake!

Piera’s Ossubuco! You had heard about this delicacy even before you even knew where Valle di Muggio is! Now, there it is, on the table in front of you, next to a plate of steaming polenta topped with its sauce. Enjoying this meal here is like taking a step back in time and Piera’s friendly service is the secret ingredient that makes this dish unique, in a setting where hospitality reigns supreme. 

When you drove past the first shopping mall born in Ticino, at Chiasso's motorway exit, you couldn’t imagine that just half an hour later you would end up in this picturesque little village with just over 20 residents. In a bucolic landscape, you put on your boots and set off into a stretch of unspoiled nature up to the bridge that gives access to the little Italian village of Erbonne, lost among the woods and, in the past, well known to smugglers. 

Scudellate, negozietto presso l'osteria

Scudellate, little shop by the tavern



Zincarlin, büscion e formaggi della Valle di Muggio

Zincarlin, büscion and cheese of the Muggio Valley


Gli ossibuchi della Piera

The Piera's speciality, Ossobuco

Scudellate, panorama sulla Valle di Muggio

Scudellate, view on the Muggio Valley

Scudellate Valle Muggio

Scudellate, Osteria Manciana

Scudellate, Osteria Manciana

Valle di Muggio, terrazzamenti di Turro

Muggio Valley, view on the terracing of Turro

Scudellate, located at the foot of Monte Generoso, arouses your curiosity and the sounds coming from the restaurant kitchen whet your appetite! The tavern, Osteria Manciana, is the true centre of this idyllic village. Piera, the tavern keeper, is a great cook, and also a hospitable, charismatic and witty person. In her old-fashioned shop, you can buy cakes, little cheeses and salami sliced ​​and weighed on elegant and unmistakable red Berkel slicers, with their silver reflections. It is a true living museum! 

The building that houses both the tavern and the shop is the real centre of village life: it is where the locals meet, tourists staying at the hostel sip a cappuccino, and the visiting GP receives his patients. On the panoramic terrace, people discuss the news so earnestly that there is no need to buy a newspaper. If you stop to make friends and chat with Piera, you will discover the hidden beauties of this unique and somewhat forgotten valley, “far from the madding crowd”. 

Carlo Crivelli, - vine grower
Carlo Crivelli,vine grower
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Visit of the Bruzella Mill


Ossibuchi and Polenta in Scudellate


A stroll in the village


View on the terracing of Turro



While acrossing the Muggio Valley it is possible to stop over the Bruzella Mill. Opening time: from April to October every Wednesday and Thursday, and normally three Sundays per month, 14.00 - 16.30.