Stories engraved in the rocks

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At the entrance of the Breggia Gorge Park, the former Saceba cement works lies like a sleeping giant. A unique contrast between industry and nature is in store for visitors along the historic path between the Ghitello and Canaa mills. 200 million years of geological history are waiting to be discovered over an area of 65 hectares.

Here it is, the huge and imposing furnace tower of the former Saceba cement works, surrounded by greenery. The dogs run through the tall grass in this secluded corner of the world. As you walk past, you and your companion admire the majesty of this structure with so many stories to tell.

High in the sky, the sun illuminates the path ahead of you. It's time to continue along the 18th-century path that leads to the Red Church, and the ruins of the medieval castle of San Pietro. From this point on, the leisurely descent takes you past the Canaa mill, where the oldest rocks are located. These stratifications rich in clays and ammonites (fossils) are 200 million years old.

Impressed by the rocks, you stop for a closer look at the signs of time that mark this place. You count the layers, a bit like you (jokingly) count the wrinkles on your face as the years go by... How much history these signs reveal!

Parco Gole della Breggia

The Torre dei Forni, Breggia gorge park

Chiesa Rossa

Red Church, Castel San Pietro.

Parco delle Gole della Breggia

Centuries-old rock stratifications, Breggia Gorge Park.

Parco delle Gole della Breggia

Hiking trail in the Breggia Gorge Park.

Parco delle Gole della Breggia

The Breggia gorges: a unique natural spectacle.

Casa del Vino Ticino

A glass of Ticino wine at the Casa del Vino Ticino.

On the way back, the walk seems much shorter, so you stop to let your 4-legged friends have a splash, who can't wait to plunge into the fresh water of the deep gorges. The layers of limestone have in fact been worn away by the 12-km Breggia river, which runs through the entire Muggio Valley, carving out more open spaces.

Almost at the end of the trip, you come to the foot of the cement works once again and spot a group of people in front of the building wearing helmets and reflective jackets and carrying lamps. Curious, you go up to them. A very friendly guide tells you that the most exciting experience is not just admiring the cement works inside and out, but also exploring the Cement Trail. What an adventure, following the route through the galleries where limestone was mined!

Finally, you arrive at the Corte del Vino Ticino, home of wines from local producers. You have earned a glass of good merlot accompanied by delicious appetizers. What a treat!

Carlo Crivelli, - vine grower
Carlo Crivelli,vine grower
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