Snack Box

Discover the Snack-Box

You will find in the Snack-Box that we have prepared an assortment
of regional products that represents the character and flavors of our land
and which symbolizes the atmosphere of our restaurants and grotti.

Fun when you feel a little peckish

Here’s how:

Buy the Snack-Box for CHF 25.00 from any of the more than 50 official sales outlets on the Grand Tour and top it up with regional specialities for two people for CHF 20.00

You can top up your Snack-Box repeatedly with snacks from the region at other sales outlets for CHF 20.00 (refills for two people).

Enjoy the regional specialities and the culinary diversity of Switzerland during the journey. You can also take the attractive Snack-Box back home with you as a souvenir.

You’ll take the Snack-Box with you on your journey to satisfy those hunger pangs – and you can repeatedly top it up. Bon voyage – and bon appetit!