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A region to discover

The Mendrisio and Basso Ceresio Region is located in the southern-most corner of Switzerland and the Canton of Ticino. This region boasts some particularly interesting attractions, which we would like to reveal to you with the help of a very special guide: Morsetta, the Young Explorer Girl.


This young girl knows these lands like the back of her hand, and is very keen to share her knowledge with you. As an expert guide, she will not hesitate to provide detailed, scientifically correct information, but will also try to involve you in an intriguing game of make-believe, designed to transport you back to a long-gone age, to help you fully understand the value of the region's tourist attractions.

Allow yourselves to be transported back in time by listening to her stories, and try to imagine being here, in these lands, in different times:


  • the Cement trail, the early 1960s, when work began to extract rock for the manufacture of cement
  • the Lake of wonders, the early 1940s, when fishing on Lake Lugano provided a livelihood to many
  • the Nevère of Monte Generoso, the beginning of the 20th century, when the inhabitants of the Alps still regularly used Nevère (traditional cold-storage huts)
  • the Cogwheel railway Monte Generoso, the end of the 19th century, when the steam railway line was built on Monte Generoso
  • Tremona-Castello Archaeological park, the Middle Ages, when the village near the Castle of Tremona was inhabited and subsequently burnt to the ground
  • the Bear's Cave, 10,000 years ago, when large bears inhabited the cave on Monte Generoso
  • Monte San Giorgio, 240 million years ago, when many species of fish and reptiles populated the lagoon of the Tethys Sea


  • VENUES Suitable for families