The Region to be discovered

A generous and authentic region. A territory that hides many treasures to be discovered. Which one should you start with?


In Ticino it is all about hospitality and people. Locals, hotel owners, hosts, guides and waiters pamper who comes to visit us. A world of stories to be shared. Among these people we have selected some to tell you their amazing story.

History and biodiversity of the Muggio Valley. Every stone out there has a story to tell.
All hail the queen. And this type of much sought-after honey could not be any purer.
Hunting for mysteries in time. Around Ticino, there are still many remains in Ticino of castles or mediaeval villages.
With a feeling for nature. Sambì is a Mendrisiotto tradition, which risked being forgotten.
The mill with the red corn. This delicacy only survives thanks to the concerted efforts of local farmers.
Back to the Future with Ticino Wines. About 37 per cent of the wine from Ticino is grown in the region of Mendrisiotto.


Azure like the sky, green like the mountains, yellow like the sun and blue like the lakes. The colours of the territory give you unique moments, the ones that will compose the mosaic of your experiences in Mendrisiotto. It's often the little moments that make you feel the most. Well, we collected the best ones for you. 

Colori del Ticino. Valle di Muggio Green.
Rows of fragrant vines with a view.

The Mendrisiotto in 360°

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