Image 0 - Itineraries through vineyards
Image 1 - Itineraries through vineyards
Image 2 - Itineraries through vineyards

Itineraries through vineyards

The Mendrisiotto region offers the Thematic trails among the vineyards, which have been realised during the centenary of the "Merlot" and propose themes on 30 boards which are interesting for those who are not really experts; the themes are linked to the local vine growing and wine producing activity. It is interesting to note that the highest density of vineyards and grape production at cantonal level is to be found in this Region.

The three circular trails have an average journey of 4 hours each, are to be made on foot, and do not present any particular difficulties. The theme trails, turn it to a large audience that contemplates families, hikers and passionate of the wine world.

The paths highlight the beauty and complementarities of three territories, enclosed in an area of a few kilometers away, opening up visitors’ eyes to all their hidden treasures...

Discover the three path:

Itinerary 1
Itinerary 2
Itinerary 3