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Fondazione Rolla

The old primary school in Bruzella in Valle di Muggio, converted into an exhibition space, has been hosting photographic exhibitions supported and curated by the Rolla Foundation twice a year since 2010. The works belong to the private collection of Rosella and Philip Rolla who, in this way, share their interest and passion for photographic art with the public.


Industry, architecture, still life, portraits, nature, territory: these are the recurring themes in the collective or monographic exhibitions organized at Rolla.info.


In Valle di Muggio, about 10 kilometres from Chiasso and 26 kilometres from Lugano is the former municipality of Bruzella, now part of the municipality of Breggia and in the district of Mendrisio. Bruzella is 600 metres above sea level on a terraced slope in the valley. The kindergarten is located on the first floor of the former town hall, opposite the parish church of San Siro.


Free entrance.
By appointment.


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