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CasaGalleria.ART is an unconventional art space immersed in nature at the foot of Monte Generoso overlooking Lake Lugano in the heart of Val Mara.

A 3.0 creative hub and exhibition centre for contemporary photography in its various expressions, from analogue to street art to live works linked to augmented reality and photo composition paintings, it welcomes visitors from all over the world who are passionate about art and who want to live an exclusive experience in contact with nature.

CasaGalleria.ART is the home of photographer and artist Yuri Catania, an atelier and workshop where he creates his 'Giant Stories on Paper'. Monumental works of street art have invaded the core of the village of Rovio as far as Arogno, Melano and Maroggia, with the exhibition "I Gatti di Rovio"; the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano with the work "Lvgaxy Astro Flowers" depicting astronauts immersed in the nocturnal flowers of the Parco Ciani.

It is possible to visit the CasaGalleria by reserving one of the experiences between art and nature: the studio visit with the artist, the artist's portrait, the workshop of night photography of the flowers in the Rovio garden and the special street art with Yuri Catania.

The activities are open to the public and companies for team building, and to schools for teaching.


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