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Audio tour - Art Museum Network

Audio tour - Discovering Mendrisiotto through the five art museums. 

The Rete dei Musei d'Arte del Mendrisiotto (Mendrisiotto Art Museum Network) is pleased to present a new audio guide to help the public (re)discover the Mendrisiotto area in a different way, highlighting the history and characteristics of the territory that hosts the five museums.

On the smARTravel application, you can download an audioguide itinerary, conceived as a journey through time and space through the five Art Museums of the Network.

The itinerary takes you through an area rich in history, art and landscape, the birthplace of many artists, architects, collectors and patrons - to whom the museums bear witness. Mendrisiotto is an area of great interest, both locally and nationally, as it is located in a region rich in connections and relations, a crossroads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

With this guide, which does not focus on the narration of exhibitions or individual museums, but on thematic entries and new narrative approaches, the museums of the MAM Network wish to enhance their common geographical belonging and their relationship with the territory and its history.

The various fact sheets, containing stories and anecdotes, related to the Vincenzo Vela Museum in Ligornetto, the Giovanni Züst Cantonal Art Gallery in Rancate, the Mendrisio Art Museum, the m.a.x. museo in Chiasso and the Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio, are therefore always available and accompanied by photographs and an interactive map of the area, which allows you to follow the route both physically and virtually, from a distance.

smARTravel app and practical information: smARTravel is a free multimedia app for smartphones. The content offered can be used dynamically and interactively and is adapted to mobile devices, Android (Google) or iOS (Apple).

The audio guide - itinerary of the MAM network available within the App can be downloaded for CHF 2.- and is available in four languages (Italian, German, French and English).