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The slender roof with its broad planes contrasts with the heavy walls plastered white and punctuated by irregular apertures of various sizes. Deep funnel-shaped embrasures protect the small wooden windows from wind and weather, while artistic decorations, integrated with patterns and figures recalling the complex volutes of a tattoo, confer a surprising lightness on the volumes and transmit a concrete sense of reliability.

Passing through the large vault of the entrance and walking up the slight incline of a ramp, we enter a vast hallway immersed in penumbra, the . From here we reach the spaces laid out on one side of the house: the white-plastered kitchen, the pantry with its vaulted ceilings and the living room with its traditional wainscoting. A trapezoid bay window interrupts the outer facade and lets light into the furthest recesses of the interior, at the same time offering a view over the square and the fountain. Opposite the bay window is the wood-fired masonry oven which, together with the kitchen stove, is the sole source of warmth in the house. As we explore further, another large opening leads directly to the rooms used for farm work. Finally a small flight of stairs links the hall with the upper floor with the bedrooms, also panelled with simple wooden boards.