Supporting the Restoration of a "Trasparente"

The "Trasparenti" are the distinctive element that allowed the Mendrisio Holy Week Processions to become part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2019.

Maddalena ai piedi della croce

In order to ensure the transfer of skills guaranteeing the preservation of the "Trasparenti", since the 1980s the City of Mendrisio has taken over their safekeeping, becoming their de facto owner. Ownership that once belonged to the inhabitants of the houses along the route of the Historical Parades. Families who commissioned local artists to execute them, even bearing the cost of the work. To perpetuate this tradition, on the occasion of the forthcoming festivities, the Fondazione Processioni, in close collaboration with the Museum and Dicastero Museo e Cultura della Città di Mendrisio, proposes to "make you a gift" by contributing to the restoration of the Maddalena ai piedi della croce, belonging to the "balconies" typology and historically exhibited in Via Motta 24a in Mendrisio.

A work from the second half of the 19th century of particular value within the "Trasparenti" route in the city streets. Unfortunately, the work is currently in a poor state of preservation: if some previous restoration work has compromised its vision, the painted surface is now covered by a thick layer of wax that tends to become increasingly opaque and the frame structure appears somewhat deformed. Restoration is therefore absolutely necessary in order to ensure that this work, with its particularly poignant and evocative iconography, can once again be admired during the Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio period.