Guided tours

Participants of the guided tours will be able, in a rich and exciting experience, to better understand the value of the tradition that has allowed the Mendrisio Holy Week Processions to come to this day.

In collaboration with GuideSI

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March 2024
Guided tour organised by OTR Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio

The guided tours accompanied by a professional guide last about 1h30.
The visits are in Italian or in German.

In collaboration with Corsi per Adulti

Tuesday 26 March 2024 from 7 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.

With a visit to the Museo del Trasparente and a walk through the streets of Mendrisio, art historian Anastasia Gilardi will lead you on a discovery of the values that have enabled the Processions to be on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Information and registration:
Alessandra Fontana - tel. 077 510 48 07