Edition 2021: a special edition

Tradition, sounds, lights and lots of emotions for an edition of the Processions that will remain in Mendrisio's history.

This initiative narrates the Processions without showing them, revealing anecdotes and curiosities, showing objects, making the sounds heard, but above all talking about the many volunteers who dedicate themselves to their organisation every year.

Volunteers. The soul of the Processions

An initiative to make Holy Week special also in 2021, telling about the silent and precious work that behind the scenes is carried out with passion and enthusiasm by many men and women 365 days a year.

Along the original route of the Processions, projections on the facades of the buildings will be added to the light of the transparencies, making it possible to discover the faces and oral testimonies of the organisers of the Processions.

The Historical Processions Foundation and the city of Mendrisio are the bearers of the tradition of the Holy Week Processions and have decided to carry out a 2021 edition under the banner of innovation, with the aim of developing a special project and telling the tradition.

In December 2019, the Mendrisio Holy Week Processions became part of the UNESCO Representative List of Cultural Heritage, the 2020 edition could not take place due to COVID-19 and it was not possible to think of a 2021 edition in its traditional form, but an innovative project was created that includes several elements and allows to keep alive the link with this tradition.

The 2021 edition of the Mendrisio Holy Week Processions was made possible by the support of the Confederation, the Canton and the contribution of the City of Mendrisio.