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A landscape that offers a wealth of contrasts!

If ever there was a place with a unique, enthralling natural landscape,
rich in contrasts, it’s Mendrisiotto.
You can go from lake to mountains in the blink of an eye, or enjoy the charm
of more than 300km of walking paths through the beautiful flora and fauna
of untamed valleys and the picturesque vineyards of the hills.

Discover a lake and with a thousand facets. The southern-most branch of Lake Ceresio
is just waiting to reveal its charms to you, its crystal clear waters an intense shade of blue.
After that experience, why not enjoy a trip into one of the many stunning natural
parks in the region, guaranteed to get you closer to nature than ever!

Travel back in time to the fascinating lost world of Mount San Giorgio
and discover why Unesco declared it a World Heritage Site.
If you’re still hungry for more, Valle di Muggio and Monte Generoso are close
by with their picturesque villages, and the natural wonders of the
Gole della Breggia Geopark are a must-see too.

Unrivalled scenery on offer, all year round. Give yourself a little breathing space!

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