Scopri il Mendrisiotto

A project in collaboration with the Ente regionale per lo sviluppo del Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio

Scopri il Mendrisiotto - Frequently asked questions

Dear visitors, below you will find the most frequently asked questions.  If you do not find the answers to your questions, please contact us by sending your request to the following e-mail address or by calling the number +41 91 641 30 52.


How long does the initiative last?

The Scopri il Mendrisiotto initiative is valid for three months, from 1 August 2020 to 31 October 2020.

Who is the Scopri il Mendrisiotto initiative aimed at?
The initiative is aimed at all those who stay at least 3 consecutive nights in a hotel or B&B in the Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio Region and who have duly completed the registration form (until the available stock is exhausted).

How do I book the initiative Scopri il Mendrisiotto?
When booking, make sure that the structure you have chosen in the Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio region adheres to the initiative (click here and contact the structure you have chosen for your stay directly). All reservations must be made directly at the accommodation facility of your choice. Reservations made through an external platform will not be accepted.

How can I spend the available vouchers?
The vouchers can be spent individually or all together, within the limit of the credit available inside the booklet.

No monetary exchanges are possible and therefore returns, refunds or subtractions of the amount to be returned. Unused vouchers will in no case be refundable at the end of your stay.

What do I have to do to guarantee the acceptance of the voucher by an adherent structure?
In order to pay with a voucher of CHF 5.- or more vouchers for any of the offers, it is essential that the tourist presents the entire booklet and not just the detached voucher. The partner is obliged to comply with this condition and not to accept vouchers detached from the booklet.

How do I know if my voucher booklet is accepted by a restaurant or partner?
In principle, all restaurants and tourism partners in the region have been invited to join the initiative. However, there is no obligation to do so. For this reason, before booking a restaurant or grotto and planning a visit or experience in the region, we suggest that you check that the tourist/commercial activity participates in Scopri il Mendrisiotto (for ease of reading, in the list on the platform, you will find the partners who have expressly indicated that they do not join the project).

If I purchase a discounted rate (Ticino Ticket, AHV, IV, ...), can I use one or more vouchers as a means of payment?
Yes, the voucher can also be used on a price already discounted or a special offer in progress at the time of purchase.

What happens if the total amount to be paid is higher than what is available in the voucher booklet?

If the total amount is higher than the credit available in your voucher booklet, you only need to pay the difference via a payment method authorized by your partner.

If at the end of my stay I have not used the full value of the voucher booklet, can I get a cash refund?
The vouchers must be spent within the period of your stay in Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio registered on the registration form and shown on the voucher booklet. It is not possible to exchange money and therefore return, refund or subtract the amount to be returned.

Can I use the remaining credit of my voucher booklet during a second stay in the Region?
No, the credit can only be used within the period of stay indicated on the registration form and reported on the voucher booklet.

Can I use the vouchers to pay for hotel accommodation
No, you cannot use the voucher booklet to pay for your overnight stay.

If I stay in a para-hotel (camping, apartment or holiday home, AirBnb, farm holiday, hostel), I am entitled to receive the voucher booklet?
The voucher booklet is distributed only to people who justify an overnight stay of at least 3 consecutive nights in a Hotel/B&B in the Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio Region.

In order to obtain the voucher booklet, am I obliged to stay 3 nights in the same hotel?
The 3 nights must be consecutive but must not be spent in the same Hotel/B&B. When filling in the form, you must enclose the different booking confirmations by sending them by email to

Can I spend my vouchers outside the Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio Region?
Vouchers can only be spent within the Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio Region and specifically in the following villages and hamlets: Arogno, Arzo, Balerna, Bellavista, Besazio, Bissone, Breggia, Brusino Arsizio, Bruzella, Cabbio, Campora, Caneggio, Capolago, Casima, Castel San Pietro, Chiasso, Coldrerio, Corteglia, Cragno, Dossi di Mendrisio, Genestrerio, Ligornetto, Maroggia, Melano, Mendrisio, Meride, Monte, Morbio Inferiore, Morbio Superiore, Muggio, Novazzano, Pedrinate, Pugerna, Rancate, Riva San Vitale, Roncapiano, Rovio, San Nicolao, San Pietro di Stabio, Sagno, Salorino, Seseglio, Scudellate, Serpiano, Seseglio, Somazzo, Stabio, Tremona, Vacallo.