Image 0 - Vedelle


The activity of Casa Pessina continues in autumn 2020 with a new exhibition proposal: the protagonist of the new appointment is the photographer and video artist Piritta Martikainen. Born in Finland and Swiss by adoption, with the series Vedelle (At Water) she returns to a theme very dear to her, that of water. 


Through a group of photographs and some videos, the artist explores the various forms of water in its natural context and reflects on the profound relationship that binds it to this element. Born and raised in Finland, an area with over 50,000 lakes on its surface, Martikainen sees water not only as a hereditary symbol of her native land but, above all, as an ideal tool for a wide-ranging investigation of the visible and invisible. 

The only apparently occult object of artistic research are the inner panoramas, memories, human presences: the images, of great chromatic delicacy, are characterized by an almost constant out of focus, revealing the creative mediation of the real vision, captured in both her homelands: Finland and Switzerland.

Vedelle is a series that originates from the relationship between man and nature, enriching itself (also on a sensorial and multimedia level) with private, sometimes ironic, feedback and semantic references.


  • OPENING Sat... Sun: 14:00 - 18:00
  • CATEGORIES Exhibitions and fairs