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On 19 August 2022, as every year at CasaGalleria, we celebrate World Photography Day, established in 2010 on the initiative of Australian photographer Korske Ara.

The date coincides with that of the birth of the daguerreotype, the first photographic procedure for developing images. On the occasion of this worldwide event, CasaGalleria invites artists from Ticino but also from Engadine, Inner Switzerland and Italy to exhibit at its gallery-atelier-garden in Rovio, "VENTIDUE +".

A large group photo exhibition that aims to celebrate the culture and passion of photography in the world. 

It is an opportunity to put the public in front of a collective of unique artists with different forms of language, ranging from more traditional photography to contemporary and experimental photography that develops in sculptural and pictorial terms, to mixed media art and NFT photographs. But the heart of the exhibition is the content because beyond the medium with which a subject is photographed, it is the concept behind the image, the path and what is to be told that makes the di?erence and gives value and meaning to the works. On display are landscapes, undefined architecture, weather events, aerial photography, metaphysical spaces, post-industrial photography, but also works on bodies, portraits and abstract works. 

The photographers participating in the collective are: 
Marina Aliverti, Fabio Antenore, Veronica Barbato, Gianluca Bonetti, Paolo Solari Bozzi, Simon Brazzola, Bernardino Bulla, Mauro Cantamessi, Mario Castellani, Yuri Catania, Laura Ceretti, Yari Copt, Valentina De' Mathà, Matteo Fieni, Giorgio Galimberti, Stefano Gardel, Kevin Merz, Daniel Meuli, Pierre Pellegrini, Aymone Poletti, Lorita Catarin Preiano, Marshall Vernet, Roger Weiss. 

The exhibition, in addition to an original set-up, conceived as an unconventional route to visit the exhibition itself through the gallery rooms, will have a dedicated space in the Metaverso of CasaGalleria.ART that can be visited remotely with one's smartphone, desktop, IPAD or directly from the gallery where, for the entire duration of the event, VR viewers will be available.

Admission free.


  • OPENING Sat... Sun: 09:00 - 19:00
  • CATEGORIES Exhibitions and fairs