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Ticino Music Festival

The Ticino Musica Festival is a meeting of musicians, great masters and promising young talents from all over the world, in which artistic and educational offerings are skilfully blended to give participants and the public the chance to enjoy an all-round musical experience.

This international meeting, now known as Ticino Musica, has existed since 1979. In 1997 it established itself in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, where it has developed as an international festival of classical music throughout the Canton of Ticino.


  • Rehearsal of the Opera Studio: Thursday 15.07.21 at 20:00, Castel San Pietro, Istituto Sant'Angelo, Loverciano;
  • Concert for the 25th Ticino Musica Festival: Friday 23.07.21 at 20:30, Ligornetto, Museo Vincenzo Vela;
  • Organ openclass: Tuesday 27.07.21 at 09:30, Mendrisio, San Sisinio Church;
  • Tangentenflügel openclass: Tuesday, 27.07.21 at 14:00, Cabbio, Casa Cantoni;
  • Tangentenflügel recital: Tuesday, 27.07.21 at 17:30, Cabbio, Casa Cantoni;
  • Organ recital: Tuesday, 27.07.21 at 20:30, Mendrisio, Church of San Sisinio.

Further information and concert arrangements can be found at www.ticinomusica.com.