Image 0 - The Rooster Festival

The Rooster Festival

Here is for you the brand new Rassegna del Gallo, a perfect combination of the positive experience of the Rooster in Spring Music and the initiative of our country's restaurateurs.


In these difficult times, supporting local activities is one of our priorities.

In the period from the end of November to the beginning of February, every Thursday evening a restaurant in Balerna will offer an exclusive menu, preferably to take away. In the days before the event it will be possible to reserve your portions by contacting directly the restaurant "on duty" in that week.
To characterize the event there will be a loyalty card in which to collect the stamps. If you participate in at least 6 events, you are entitled to a gift that can be collected from February in the Cooperativa Popolare of the country.

The programme, updates, culinary proposals and other information can be found on the social channels of the Rooster Festival (Facebook and Instagram), on the social pages of six different restaurants and on the website www.sgurafest.com.


We hope that direct support for the country's activities will be important and that solidarity will become the absolute protagonist at this particularly difficult time for the gastronomic category. Supporting and helping oneself makes life virtuous.


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