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Suoni d'acqua

Summer concerts in the Muggio Valley

The musicians who animate the summer season Suoni d'Acqua, are selected not only for their undoubted artistic quality, but also for belonging to an area of imaginative and imaginative artists, composers, improvisers and creators of new sound paths and daring mixtures, under the banner of encounter: of genres, cultures, experiences, creative processes.

In the fifteen-year history of the much-loved summer festival Musica nel Mendrisiotto, a number of venues have been selected that best allow for the integration of spaces in terms of acoustics, landscape and logistics, with the type of concerts that are performed. The loyal audience of Suoni d'Acqua loves these moments of exchange and a concert performance that breaks down all barriers and encourages sharing.

The three concerts take place in July, on a weekly basis, in Cabbio (Ethnographic Museum of the Muggio Valley), Castel San Pietro (Masseria Cuntitt) and Monte (Piazzetta della Chiesa).


  • OPENING Fri: 21:00
  • CATEGORIES Music , Classical music