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Raminalonga del Penz

A group of wine producers with vineyards located in Pedrinate/Seseglio has decided to organise a walk to rediscover the Lower Mendrisiotto, which will be proposed on Sunday 22 August 2021.

The idea is to retrace the Sentiero del Vino (Wine Path) that goes from Seseglio to Pedrinate, passing through the southernmost point of Switzerland, then going to the Penz hill and ending the walk at the Valsangiacomo farm.

Along the route there will be mainly producers from the Lower Mendrisiotto, most of them from Chiasso, with a few exceptions. The aim is to introduce these realities and these small companies working in our area.

Register here for this 8km walk and come and rediscover the landscapes and products of the Lower Mendrisiotto.

Registration fee

  • Adults: CHF 50.-
  • Minors (6-17 years): CHF 10.-


  • OPENING Sun: 08:30
  • CATEGORIES Enogastronomy , Get-togethers